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Casmar has the longest history providing security solutions in the Spanish security sector. It is the most consolidated company in its field. Its success is partly due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder, Gonzalo Castro Mata, along with an outstanding knowledge of the sector and a team that is constantly evolving and has a genuinely innovative vision in a quickly changing environment.

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From its main headquarters located in Barcelona (Spain), Casmar’s comprehensive security solutions and services are present in markets around the world. In order to provide personalised attention to clients, the company has set offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Madrid, Málaga, Valencia and Vigo. Casmar also has its own foreign branches in Porto and Lisbon (Portugal), Santiago (Chile) and Bogotá (Colombia).

During year 2019, coinciding with the company’s 40th anniversary, Casmar began a phase of generational change in its management team. This change required a brand repositioning that would reflect the new reality of the company and its commitment to the future. With our NOMON-method toolkit, we started a first phase of internal analysis and observation, carrying out personal interviews with the management team as well as with relevant corporate responsibility profiles in all areas

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After an exhaustive evaluation process and much pondering, we established the company brand values. Commitment is indeed the differential and transversal value of Casmar, therefore we reckoned that its strategy and communication discourse should be based on this uniqueness. Furthermore, we defined additional brand values, which are built upon the main principle of commitment: commitment to its origin, commitment to dedication, commitment to the customer and commitment to the future.

To complete Casmar’s branding strategy, we created the brand storytelling. We produced a tagline that distinctly defines the company, combining the brand’s differential value with its scope of activity, mainly: Committed to safety.

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When we worked on rebranding Casmar, we reckoned that it was necessary to keep a certain continuity with its corporate identity in order to highlight the company’s 40-year history, however including the concept of commitment and proximity that so well characterises the business. This is also the reason we kept blue as a corporate colour. 

We worked with a graphically modified Corvinus Skyline font to endow Casmar with its very own character and we produced a logo and a tagline with an in-house created calligraphic font.

At the request of the client, we kept its corporate symbol. We chose to update it, however, and dissociate it completely from the logo.

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On the colour palette front, we established the Blue Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated / Coated 300 as the brand’s main colour. A markedly technical tone for the logo, that we complemented with black and white. We also established a warmer secondary palette to project the company’s closeness and commitment.

Once branding is applied in all the company’s communication items it transpires as a brand with unique personality and coherence, providing differential value within the security sector. It reflects the real values ​​and attributes of the company and helps communicate the newly defined value proposition to all the public.

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