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Contemporary lighting in expert hands


Grok is a manufacturer of lighting for the contract and home sectors which needed to reposition its brand to convey effectively the value of its new lighting products, which the firm developed together with renowned national and international industrial designers.

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Following an internal analysis and working with a proper benchmark, the brand values ​were redefined: design for people, quality, individuality, closeness and feeling. The creative concept was created: “illumination is not just putting light in a dark place, it is creating space, ambience and atmosphere, and Grok knows that there is a light to suit each room, activity and person”. From this idea came the tagline “Grok creates space and feeling through light. Grok, life is light


The next step was to redesign the corporate branding with the message design for people, individuality, differentiation and feeling. This was a qualitative leap forward, leading the brand to take its place as a contemporary lighting design firm, reflected in the design of the artwork for its new general catalogue, its website and other marketing materials.

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Tags: Branding strategy, Corporate branding, Editorial design


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