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We have carried out the new packaging for a range of environmentally friendly toilet paper products conceived for mass consumption by LC Paper, a company with over 140 years of experience in the sector. Pioneering the manufacture of paper with zero CO2 emissions, its aim is to create the most sustainable paper in the world.

The main characteristic of this new Dalia® packaging is that it is the first packaging for toilet paper and kitchen paper in the world that replaces plastic wrapping with the concept of “transparent cardboard”.

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This new packaging concept, based on printing the image of the product on cardboard, simulating the visual effect of a transparent pack, has been patented worldwide by LC Paper.

For two decades, the company has been committed to continuing to lead the manufacture of the most sustainable paper products on the market, which is why we have worked on packaging that fully complies with this philosophy.

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LC Paper therefore chose to opt for a recyclable alternative by using printed cardboard instead of the traditional plastic wrapping, so characteristic in these ranges of products. In addition to being resistant, while optimising its identification on the supermarket shelves, it also allows for a more compact arrangement on pallets, thus optimising shipping and its impact on emissions.

In terms of design, we have sustained our original art direction, which we had previously defined for the corporate catalogue, an image that reinforces the concept of sustainability and characteristics associated with cosy home environments.

We also applied a chromatic palette which denotes sustainability and we developed the brand’s very own iconography, which clearly explains the sustainable manufacturing process to the user.

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During the process of creating this pioneering packaging, we reckoned that it was appropriate to suggest a brand redesign, since we considered that the previous identity did not completely convey the new spirit and objectives.

We therefore proceeded to redesign the identity for Dalia® with the aim to add value to the brand and reflect a more tangible and emotional aspect – which is usually more characteristic of cosmetics and personal care products than of household products – and, at the same time, we aimed to facilitate and enhance the brand’s visibility in the vastness of the space in its distribution channels: i.e. supermarkets and department stores.

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We conceived a more solid identity, by modifying the letters of the Domaine Display font.

This project for LC Paper resulted in a clearly sustainable plastic-free, with zero CO2 emissions, bleach-free packaging concept, patented worldwide, which adds value to the essence and unique character of LC Paper and continues to differentiate the brand from other companies in its business field.

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