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We have worked on the strategy and corporate branding for our client Kedge (i.e. naming, corporate tagline, brand identity), a newly launched Strategic Business Consultancy based in Barcelona. Kedge helps make tailored, informed decisions to generate growth in companies by contextualising each and every bit of data.

Our challenge has been to develop a branding strategy and corporate branding for a newly formed company, resulting from the union of three other firms: KODAMA ANALYTICS, ALLEGRO CONSULTING and CAMPOBASE, all of which coming from the Data Analytics and the Business Consulting sectors, led by a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive professional careers.

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This project is another example of how we use our own work methodology. On this occasion, in order to collect the necessary information, in addition to performing the corresponding benchmark, we organised a co-creation session with the client. Through a series of exercises and activities, we were able to identify the value proposition, brand attributes and brand values of the new company.

After the co-creation session, we established that the main brand attributes, which would sustain the brand, were experience, knowledge, pragmatism and their tailored proceedings. Furthermore, we also established that, through our branding the spirit of both business areas, Consulting and Data Analytics, needed to be clearly represented.

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We subsequently defined the company’s value proposition, its storytelling and corporate tagline. We concluded that the tagline should communicate its differential value and emphasise what we considered its prime matter and thus, custom decision – making through contextualised data was the message that best described them.

Then finally, along with the client, we developed the Kedge naming – a name made up of the terms keiken (Japanese for ‘experience’) and knowledge. It also refers to the English expression ‘to have and edge’ along with the letter K, which is often used in the world of data analytics.

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In order to conceptualise and design the corporate branding of Kedge, in which naming has all the prominence, we have particularly taken into account the personality of the company’s own partners, as well as the character of each of the business areas: i.e. a more conventional aspect for Consulting and a more innovative feel for Analytics.

We furthermore defined that the identity, understood as the tip of the iceberg of branding, should project the company’s ability to adapt to all environments and last over time.

We found in the Noe Display typography, developed by the independent firm Shick Toikka, the perfect ally. This consistent, clean and elegant typeface projects personality while speaking clearly and confidently thanks to the dialogue between its round and leisurely curves and its energetic and pointed final strokes, which favour the readability and visibility of its details in small sizes without losing sharpness.

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The typography comes with a chromatic palette which refers to the two areas of the company, using more formal colours, such as Warm Gray and the earthy Pantone 7592 U, along with energetic Reflex Blue U and Warm Red, which appear in a versatile way throughout the company’s communication materials.

Thanks to experience and teamwork we have managed to create a brand with character, mature but, more importantly, differential within its sector.

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