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Lékué has recently launched a collection of 100% airtight takeaway products named To Go Organic, whose main characteristic is a reduction of plastic, replaced by organic and recycled materials, such as wood fibre or RPet coming from other industries’ waste.

In 2019 we developed the packaging and communication for the brand’s To Go Collection. Now we have worked alongside Lékué to define the art direction for their new sustainable range of products and also design its packaging and communication.

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The art direction and packaging design of To Go Organic respond to 3 objectives: to show the product’s value and its use, to highlight the material which is both recycled and recyclable, and to mainly produce the most sustainable packaging possible in accordance with the general collection concept.

To achieve the main objective, our packaging conceptualisation and design minimizes the amount of material used to pack the item, leaving just the absolutely essential space to communicate the product.

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Alongside Lékué, we additionally researched finishes that are in line with the concept, such as FSC-certified paper produced with 40% post-consumer waste, specifically corn scraps.

We developed its communication claim «Less plastic. More organic» that defines the main attribute of the collection and we articulated a discourse that shows the entire product manufacturing process: from obtaining recycled/recyclable material, its transformation into raw material, to the manufacture of the final product.

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The discourse is supported by some graphic and suggestive illustrations, especially designed at NOMON for this project, with an eco-friendly style in line with the concept of Organic.

All this resulted in communication and packaging which, regardless of being minimal, help consumers understand the attributes of this range of products, and highlights the philosophy of this collection and the quality of the sustainable materials which they were manufactured with.

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Tags: Communication, Packaging design


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