Product strategy and conceptualization, packaging design and communication

During the COVID social distancing period, families and friends dusted off their board games. What appeared to be a temporary slow life trend will actually be staying with us for a while.


Responding to this trend, at NOMON we conceptualized and developed a new range of board games for Miquelrius: classic games for all ages and to take along with you.


Following the NOMON methodology, we carried out our first strategic phase in which we analysed how board games are marketed and determined what our target audience would be. The NOMON Test helped us with this, determining a target audience of young adults who seek to express and reflect their identity through the products they acquire.

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After defining the range, we developed the “NOT BORING GAMES” communication concept. The naming was devised to act as a product category name and also to convey its main characteristics and purpose, in just a few words. We then devised the abbreviation “NOBO” which outlines the fun and carefree character of this product range in an easy, readable way, with a beautiful ring to it.

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We also came up with a claim, namely «The classic games for all ages», which helps reinforce communication.


Using the Bryce typeface, inspired by the popular cultural products of the 1980s –music, art, fashion, cinema–, we created the collection’s logo, adjusting the shapes of the Oes, providing them with movement as a way to symbolize the playing pieces and the dynamism that characterizes this type of games.

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Likewise, we worked on the art direction for the communication and packaging in collaboration with our Bangkok partners Marc Stuart and Nicolas Dali. They developed illustrations that take us back to our childhood and that highlight the games’ materials and colours.

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The result is a range of classic board games that perfectly responds to the proposed strategy and has a fresh, dynamic image with a personality of its own.

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