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During all these years working alongside Lékué, we have produced a unique personality for the brand and its products. Our art direction visually represents their specific messages, building a connection with the consumers and making the products approachable.

On this occasion, we took on a significant and motivating project: to conceptualize our art direction for the brand’s new collections and products, starting with the Veggie Lovers range –which brings healthy food in easy vegetarian and vegan recipes into our kitchens– and Reuse & Reduce –an efficient, responsible alternative to single-use disposable plastic products, to store and preserve products in the fridge and freezer–.

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The challenge of the art direction has been to simply and clearly communicate the collections as well as their products individually, in an aesthetically appealing way; and at the same time convey the concept of “Lékué at home”.

To begin with, we analyzed the single products of both collections to allow us to come up with several scenarios suited to explain the items both collectively and individually. We devised kitchen scenarios to help us put the products in context and make them quickly understandable for the user.

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We wanted to avoid abstract spaces or the representation of a “conventional” kitchen, so we opted for the creation of theatrical spaces representing a kitchen that met the following characteristics:

– Warm spaces that relate to the comfort of our homes with elements from nature.

– Neutral rooms with straight, minimalistic furniture lines so as not to detract from the product.

– Each kitchen space matching the chromatics of the main colours of each collection.

– A theatrical lighting that amplifies light and shadows; environments with large windows that simulate natural light and its reflections.

– Ingredients that help us understand the products and act as props, creating sculptural spaces with a touch of irreality.

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n addition to those formal aspects, we also wanted to endow these images with some human attributes to produce a consumer’s smile, incorporating a Lékué-style wink, like a hand nicking some of the cooked delicacies.

Once each of the spaces had been conceptualized and designed, duly fulfilling the established objectives, we proceeded to illustrate each of the sets. Then, subsequently, our collaborators at Alga Studio rendered these illustrations into realistic 3D scenarios.

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Alongside our partners Santi de Pablo and Ivan Caster, we created the set for the shooting, a fictitious physical space where we photographed all the products and ingredients for both collections, complying with the points of view and the lighting that we needed to implement to match the spaces designed in 3D technology.

Finally, we carried out a global integration of the entire production with the help of Arts Finals.

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In this project we have implemented our methodology in order to obtain a consistent narrative discourse throughout the process. Properly organizing all the phases and thoroughly training the team engaged in the project production has allowed us to successfully execute the art direction.

The result is characterized by its consistence, a strong impact and a distinct visual expression, endowing Lékué with its own persistent character and identity.

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